Academic Calender

Academic Calender






20 OCT 2016

Workload Distribution for academic year 2016-2017 Even sem


1st DEC 2016

Department Time Table for academic year 2016-2017 Even sem

5th DEC 2016

Master Time Table for academic year 2016-2017 Even sem

6th DEC 2016

Course plan, lab manuals Submission for academic year 2016-2017 Even sem







3rd JAN 2017

Submission of content beyond syllabus by individual faculty to the HOD (extra practicals, assignments, mini project and product development for bright and weak students)

3rd JAN 2017

DAB meeting (minutes to be maintain- curriculum gap,2nd Sem Cos)

4th   JAN 2017

Commencement of Even semester    (Note:- COs and course plan should be discussed with the students)

9th JAN 2017

Mini project allotment

11th JAN 2017

Blood donation camp(NSS activity)

11th JAN 2017

Announcement for final year project selection to T. E. students

14th  JAN 2017

1st Defaulter’s List (4th JAN 2017 to 14th JAN 2017)

19th JAN 2017 to 23rd JAN 2017

NSS camp

28th  JAN 2017

2nd Defaulter List (4th JAN 2017 to 28th  Jan 2017)


31st JAN 2017 to 4th FEB 2017

Guest Lectures / workshop (training program)


30th JAN 2017 to 6th FEB 2017

Project presentation for B.E. on respective project day

6th FEB 2017 to 8th FEB 2017

Social awareness program (NSS activity)

11th FEB 2017

3rd  Defaulter List (4th JAN 2017 to 11th FEB 2017)

13th FEB , 15th FEB  to             17th  FEB 2017

Term Test I

20th FEB 2017

Allotment of project for final year to T.E. Students

20th FEB 2017 to 25th FEB 2017

Mid Sem students feedback

23rd FEB 2017

Term Test 1 result







25th FEB 2017

1st Parent Teacher meeting

27th FEB 2017 to 6th MAR 2017

Final Project demonstration of B.E.



27th FEB 2017 to 11th MAR 2017

Remedial classes (note:-conduct classes on 8.30a.m. to 9.30a. m. during weekdays, on Saturday and during free slots )

4st  MAR 2017

4th Defaulter List (4th JAN 2017 to 4th March 2017)

6th MARCH 2017 to 11th MARCH 2017

Sports, ABHIYAAN, Tech Fest and magazine / newsletter publication

12th MARCH 2017

Alumni Meet

13th MAR 2017 to 18th MAR 2017

Attainment of CO, PO and PSO in format of 3.3.2 of SAR for odd SEM (academic year 2016-2017) and result analysis

20th MAR 2017 to 25th MAR 2017

Mentoring 1 (Note:- minutes to be maintain and conduct during practical slot)

24th MAR 2017

Campus cleaning drive (NSS activity)

25th MAR 2017

5th  Defaulter List (4th JAN 2017 to 25th  MAR 2017)

27th MARCH 2017

Mini project submission.

27th MARCH 2017 to 1st APR 2017

Workshop (training program) / IV


3rd  APR 2017 to 7th APR 2017

End Sem students feedback, Course Exit, Program Exit survey, alumni registration and Mentoring 2 (Note:- minutes to be maintain and conduct during practical slot)

7th APR 2017

NSS activity (guest lecture)

7th APR 2017

Choice of Elective subjects for SEM VII from T.E. students (for Academic year 2017-2018)

7th APR 2017

6th (Final) Defaulter List (4th JAN 2017 to 7th  APR 2017)

8th APR 2017

2nd  Parent Teacher meeting

10th APR, 12th APR and 13th APR 2017

Term Test II

15th APR 2017

Term Ends

15th  APR 2017 to           17h  APR 2017

Term Test 2 result  and Submission

17st APR 2017 to         25th APR 2017

University Oral and Practical Examination

24th APR 2017

Submission of Academic audit

27th APRIL 2017 to 3rd  JULY 2017



7th MAY 2017 onwards

University theory Exam