Electronics & Tele. Engineering

All About Electronics and Telecommunication Department.....

The department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering is one of the premier engineering department. It has a 26-year history of innovation and creativity in both teaching and research.Electronics is a very broad field that encompasses many fields including those that deal with, Electronic devices, Robotics, Signal processing, Embedded systems, Power electronics, Microwave Engineering etc. Due to the rapid evolution in all the above fields, engineers are required to possess proficiency in both hardware and software components of them. Our courses prepare graduates to access a full range of careers available in technology which has electronics as the core and application of them for the betterment of society.

  • Branch started in the year:1990
  • Changes in U.G. intake since beginning till date -



    1990 to 2011


    2012 to till date 

  • Lateral entry at S.E. (Direct admission after diploma): 55
  • Name of departmental student body: Electronics and Telecommunication Students Association (ETSA)