About Abhiyaan 2021

Abhiyaan is a cultural extravaganza which features events ranging from literary skills to performing arts to stardom and glamour. Our five day event is the highlight to the town which attracts the attention of many different college students and team of performers. Every year we feature participation from students from prominent colleges in Navi Mumbai.
This year Abhiyaan is all about the nostalgia we have witnessed in our school day, from pen fights to book cricket, from scribbling on your friend's book to passing secret messages in them, from lousy mornings assemblies to tirey last periods, we do miss our school days more often than not. However, the flashbacks are many a times followed with a feeling of sadness. Let's change that, shall we?
Back To School, like those commercial for backpacks, is the time for a happy nostalgia for the adults just out of teenage. Reminiscing in the events complied with fun activities are what we might just need to get back to the good old days.


Cultural Events

Annual Social Gathering. Besides this, members of the society constantly helps and assists others in organizing events such as Independence Day, IRF celebrations, NSS and NCC workshops and many more aspiring events. Our main objective is to raise awareness about Indian Culture and Heritage amongst the students and the community and to contribute to the multicultural makeup of the students.


Apart from education, playing sports and being physically acitve and fit is quite necessary. Abhiyaan 2021 hosts various sports events like football, volleyball, cricket, basketball, kho kho, kabbadi etc. Further all these events offer exciting prizes to the winners. These events are conducted with the aim of overall development of all the participants.

Technical Event

Being an engineering college having technical knowledge is necessary and what better way is it to learn and display your skills with a fun spin. So Toot your technical horns, by taking part in a variety of technical and fun events! Use your technical and anaytical skills to conquer and win handsome rewards.


The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges, Universities and at +2 level working for a campus-community linkage.Camps are held annually which are funded by the Government of India, and are usually located in a rural village or a city suburb.


Swapnil Singh

General Secretary

GS Team

  • Darshan Rathod (Jt. General Secretary)
  • Lokesh Attarde (Jt. General Secretary)
  • Gangapriya krishnakumar (Jt. General Secretary)
  • Sandeep Gouda (Jt. General Secretary)
  • Prathamesh Dhuri (Jt. General Secretary)
  • Vaibhav Pol (Jt. General Secretary)

Gitesh Sunil Mhatre

Cultural Secretary

CS Team

  • Sakshi Mane (Jt. Cultural Secretary)
  • Amlan Sahu (Jt. Cultural Secretary)
  • Amar Kale (Jt. Cultural Secretary)
  • Urjit Mojumder (Jt. Cultural Secretary)

Vaibhav Urkude

Sports Secretary

SS Team

  • Aishwarya Naik (Jt. Sports Secretary)
  • Sahil Prajapati (Jt. Sports Secretary)
  • Vaishnavi Shinde (Jt. Sports Secretary)
  • Rohan Satam (Jt. Sports Secretary)


  • Devang Sawant (NCC Representative)
  • Lokesh Singh Samant (NCC Representative)
  • Vishnukant B. Pandey (NSS Representative)
  • Roushan Sharma (NSS Representative)
  • Simrity Bhat(Ladies Representative)
  • Srivani Ganti (Ladies Representative)
  • Chetna Gopale (Ladies Representative)
  • Omkar Anil Malbari (Student Representative )
  • Darshan Telangi (Student Representative )
  • Aman Ravi Chouhan (Student Representative )
  • Shruti Bharat Mhatre (Student Representative )
  • Jain Siddham Santosh (Student Representative )
  • Shaikh Mohd Sahil (Student Representative )
  • Tanisha Parikh (Student Representative )
  • Ruchika Ramteke (Student Representative )
  • Sharvari Patil (Student Representative )
  • Tushar Krishan Tiwari (Student Representative )
  • Aditi vaidya (Student Representative )
  • Amitkumar Sharma (Student Representative )
  • Durgesh Lotankar (Student Representative )
  • Tushar Rajpurkar (Student Representative )
  • Sourin Das (Student Representative )
  • Devang Dhake (Student Representative )
  • Vitthal Mallikarjun Muddamwar (Student Representative )
  • Vaishnavi Ganesh jalgaonka (Student Representative )
  • Suraj Pulekar (Student Representative )
  • Akshata Vijay Zope (Student Representative )
  • Aryan Khar (Student Representative )
  • Ayush Shirodkar (Student Representative )
  • Ameya B. Deodha (Student Representative )
  • Chaitali Patel (Student Representative )
  • Prapti Shende (Student Representative )
  • Harshal khare (Student Representative )
  • Chinmayi Kamalakar Juikar(Student Representative )
  • Shreya Malve (Student Representative )

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