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Projects 2019-20

Title: Accident Prevention control system and Detection of Lost key

Student Names: Saurabh Bapat, Dewang Dudhavadkar, Alok Gonnade, Amit Naik

Accident prevention control system and detection of lost key is a topic which is gaining popularity day by day, because of its huge advantages. One can achieve this system by simply connecting few sensors and using a micro- controller. In this project an accident prevention control system is being introduced with accident identification for vehicles that will give a higher probability to reduce the accidents taking place every day on roads and at the same time if accident occurs, the system will locate its place and will automatically inform those people who will be able to take immediate actions.

Title: Detection of Insect Breeding Zone and Spraying of Insecticides Using Drone .

Student Names:   Ketan Sameer Damle, Krutika Kishor Gurao, Shubham Suresh Mhatre, Rupesh Kamalkant Mishra

In today’s world there are different types of insects like mosquitoes, flies etc. These insects have the ability to spread diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. Every year millions of people suffer from diseases caused by mosquitoes, some of them are so harmful that many times it leads to death. According to WHO mosquito bites result in death of more than one million people every year. Even though pest controllers spray insecticide in various regions, still there are some areas where they cannot easily get through such as junk yards, rooftops, middle of the ponds and this is where the problem lies. So all these situations motivated us to think about what if we can detect and spray insecticide at the same time simultaneously so that the delay time will reduce and with the help of drone, it will reach inaccessible regions too. Generally, Insects breed and produce larvae in stagnant water bodies. Therefore, we will be attaching camera with drone and we will be looking for the insect breeding zone in nearby stagnant water bodies. The moment system detects the breeding zone; the real time footage will be transmitted to the respective authority. If authority gives the order to spray insecticides, insecticide will be sprayed in that region within the same flight of drone.

Title: Garbage Segregation and Management.

Student Names: Sunil Verma, Chetan, Tambe, Ajeet Verma,Ashwith Yadav.

When garbage is dump in the dustbin the waste passes through the top layer where the IR sensor will detect the waste. The upper servo motors placedat the top layer will be started and the waste will be dumped on the segregation layer.The segregation layer is metallic plate which is placed at a certain height from the bottom of the container.


Title: Fire Fighting Drone

Student Names – Tejas P Patil, Nitesh M Sawant, Dhiraj R Surve, Hrishikesh N Thakur

The flying vehicles which operate from the remote control area are stated as Unmanned Aerial vehicle(UAV). In the way of future the Drones have major roles. They can take the risk which the human had to take to do the critical work. The Fire fighters have to do same critical work and they have to risk their lives. So, to lower down the risk we design a Fire Fighter Drone. It is a Hexacopter Drone, that design to carry the fire extinguisher ball which is a compose of powdered CO2. The fire extinguisher balls are hold by gimbal, which has a lock that operate from ground station. The Hexacopter drone are design for heavy lifting. There is used of six 680kv motors, where three of them are clockwise and three of them counter clockwise for stability.

Title: Hyperloop Transportation System

Student Names: Rutuja Kulkarni, Sakshi Raut, Sapna Shingate

The conceptualization about hyperloop was brought in 20th century, which completely transfer the archetype of transport. Hyperloop system will have a design of vacuum tube through which capsule will travel with significantly less resistance by air or friction which will pass on the capsule or pod at a very high speed.
It will be propelled at a speed which will be over and above the speed of airlines. It will race at the speed of 760mph which is 1200km per hr. The positioning of the commuter would be done inside this capsule. Hyperloop tubes will be low pressured. According to the mature Hyperloop design, the pod will expedite at a
high velocity by employing liner induction motor. Linear induction motor placed through the tube would hasten and slow down the speed of the capsule. The notion of Hyperloop was first initiated in 2013, which proposed and routes were examined from Los Angeles to the San Francisco Bay region. Hyperloop is considered to be resourceful transport.

Title: Smart Sanitary Napkin Disposal Machine

Students Name – Shreyash K. Narayane, Anoop R. Shetty,  Prajesh S. Shirsolkar, Shivraj B. Yadav

Project Details: – The machine will be ARDUINO driven with a display showing the current state of the machine and will be completely automatic. The machine would be in an idle state initially. Once the sanitary napkin enters the machine, the input would be first sensed by the Infrared Sensor – 1. Once the input pad is sensed, the upper flaps are opened and the pad would be allowed to enter the machine. The flap closes in a given time period (5- 10 seconds). Once the Infrared
Sensor – 1, senses the input, our process will be initiated. As soon as our process initiates, there will be a message displayed onto the screen displaying the current status of the machine. Then this input pad is allowed to pass through the narrow path and then is sensed by the Infrared Sensor – 2.Once the sensor
senses the input, the Lower flap will be opened and a message will be displayed onto the display screen displaying the current status of the machine. Meanwhile, the Heater and Exhaust fan, in the burning chamber, are set ON by the ATmega16.And hence, the pad then enters the burning chamber and
the burning process will start.This will continue until the burnt out pad ashes till maximum time allocated while ATmega16 (maximum 20-25 minutes).After the
time expires, the Heater is set OFF. The exhaust is kept ON and the Pump is set ON which flushes out

Projects 2018-19



microcontroller based secured optical wireless communication system using laser and phototransistor. These days the usage of Wi-Fi has reached to every nook and corner of the world. There are some downsides belong to the usage of Wi-Fi such as those concerning to the speed, limited bandwidth, security and range of its usage. In order to overcome these hitches we can use the advanced version of Li-Fi which is efficient, high speed, and fully networked wireless communication. If light contains encrypted message then both privacy and prevention from unwanted access along with high data rate can be achievable from Li-Fi. A new encryption technique based on substitution of ASCII value of characters implemented and reliable data transmission carried out. The proposed encryption algorithm primarily follows Caesar Cipher Vigenere substitution, acts similarly with Caesar  cipher that changes the ASCII value of original message according to predefined values and length of repetition based on key. Encryption of data, transmission, reception and conversion to original message are implemented successfully using laser, phototransistor, microcontroller and associated devices.



Internet of Things (IoT) plays a crucial role in smart agriculture. Smart farming is an emerging concept, because IoT sensors capable of providing information about their agriculture fields. The project aims making use of evolving technology i.e. IoT and smart agriculture using automation. Monitoring environmental factors is the major factor to improve the yield of the efficient crops. The feature of this prpject includes monitoring temperature and humidity in agricultural field through sensors using arduino uno. Agriculture is the primary occupation in our country for ages. But now due to migration of people from rural to urban there is hindrance in agriculture. So to overcome this problem we go for smart agriculture techniques using IoT. This project includes various features like GPS based remote controlled monitoring, moisture & temperature sensing, intruders scaring, security, leaf wetness and proper irrigation facilities. It makes use of wireless sensor networks for noting the soil properties and environmental factors continuously. Various sensor nodes are deployed at different locations in the farm. Controlling these parameters are through any remote device or internet services and the operations are performed by interfacing sensors, Wi-Fi, camera with

PROJECT TITLE : – “IoT based street light controller and energy monitoring system ”


IoT based smart and adaptive lighting in street lights. The project is implemented with smart embedded system that controls the street light based on detection of
sunlight. During the night time the street light gets automatically ON and during the day time it gets automatically OFF. A Street light is a proposed source of light on the side of a road or walkway, which is turned on or lit at a certain time every night. Street lighting has been found to reduce walker crashes by nearly fifty percent. Street light monitoring & control is an automated system designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of an enterprise by automatically timed controlled switching of street lights. This project describes a new practical solution of street light control systems. The system o includes the client-server mechanism where a user can directly interact with the web based application to manage the Street lamp of any place from the single position. The energy monitoring system enables the electricity department to read the meter readings monthly without a person visiting each house. This can be achieved by the use of Arduino unit that continuously monitor and records the energy meter reading in its permanent memory location. This system continuously records the reading and the live meter reading can be displayed on webpage to the consumer on request.