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Projects 2019-20

Title: Accident Prevention control system and Detection of Lost key

Student Names: Saurabh Bapat, Dewang Dudhavadkar, Alok Gonnade, Amit Naik

Accident prevention control system and detection of lost key is a topic which is gaining popularity day by day, because of its huge advantages. One can achieve this system by simply connecting few sensors and using a micro- controller. In this project an accident prevention control system is being introduced with accident identification for vehicles that will give a higher probability to reduce the accidents taking place every day on roads and at the same time if accident occurs, the system will locate its place and will automatically inform those people who will be able to take immediate actions.

Title: Detection of Insect Breeding Zone and Spraying of Insecticides Using Drone .

Student Names:   Ketan Sameer Damle, Krutika Kishor Gurao, Shubham Suresh Mhatre, Rupesh Kamalkant Mishra

In today’s world there are different types of insects like mosquitoes, flies etc. These insects have the ability to spread diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. Every year millions of people suffer from diseases caused by mosquitoes, some of them are so harmful that many times it leads to death. According to WHO mosquito bites result in death of more than one million people every year. Even though pest controllers spray insecticide in various regions, still there are some areas where they cannot easily get through such as junk yards, rooftops, middle of the ponds and this is where the problem lies. So all these situations motivated us to think about what if we can detect and spray insecticide at the same time simultaneously so that the delay time will reduce and with the help of drone, it will reach inaccessible regions too. Generally, Insects breed and produce larvae in stagnant water bodies. Therefore, we will be attaching camera with drone and we will be looking for the insect breeding zone in nearby stagnant water bodies. The moment system detects the breeding zone; the real time footage will be transmitted to the respective authority. If authority gives the order to spray insecticides, insecticide will be sprayed in that region within the same flight of drone.

Title: Garbage Segregation and Management.

Student Names: Sunil Verma, Chetan, Tambe, Ajeet Verma,Ashwith Yadav.

When garbage is dump in the dustbin the waste passes through the top layer where the IR sensor will detect the waste. The upper servo motors placedat the top layer will be started and the waste will be dumped on the segregation layer.The segregation layer is metallic plate which is placed at a certain height from the bottom of the container.

Projects 2018-19



microcontroller based secured optical wireless communication system using laser and phototransistor. These days the usage of Wi-Fi has reached to every nook and corner of the world. There are some downsides belong to the usage of Wi-Fi such as those concerning to the speed, limited bandwidth, security and range of its usage. In order to overcome these hitches we can use the advanced version of Li-Fi which is efficient, high speed, and fully networked wireless communication. If light contains encrypted message then both privacy and prevention from unwanted access along with high data rate can be achievable from Li-Fi. A new encryption technique based on substitution of ASCII value of characters implemented and reliable data transmission carried out. The proposed encryption algorithm primarily follows Caesar Cipher Vigenere substitution, acts similarly with Caesar  cipher that changes the ASCII value of original message according to predefined values and length of repetition based on key. Encryption of data, transmission, reception and conversion to original message are implemented successfully using laser, phototransistor, microcontroller and associated devices.