laboratory Details

Name of Laboratory :

Heat Transfer Operations (HTO)

Course No.


Lab Incharge :

Prof. Manoj B. Mandake


Technical staff with Designation :

Mr. More Ajit P.

Lab. Assistant


Room No.




66 m2


Weekly Utilization

4 days


List of Major Equipment 

·         Shell and tube heat exchanger

·         Plate heat exchanger

·         Emissivity measurement

·         Agitated vessel

·         Natural / Forced Convection

·         Dropwise and Film wise Condensation

·         Lagged Pipe


Safety Measures

·         Follow Safety instructions related to equipment.

·         Proper and Careful use of electric devices.

·         Wear shoes, hand gloves, apron during practical.

·         Fire extinguisher, Sand Bucket, Water Bucket.

Additional facilities for improving the  quality of learning experience in laboratories 

·         NPTEL

·         Animated Videos

·         Uni Sim Software

·         Industrial Visits