HOD Message

Prof. Dr. S.P.Shingare

                                                                                                  Head of Department

On behalf of our faculty, staff, and students, I extend a warm welcome to the NBA-accredited Department of Chemical Engineering at Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering in Navi Mumbai.   Chemical engineering is concerned with the economic design and operation of chemical industries. The discipline is broadening and new science and engineering encourages to develop more efficient, safer and environmentally sustainable technologies. Chemical engineers combine mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, and economics to tackle challenging fundamental and large-scale industrial problems by developing theories, advanced simulations, and experiments. In terms of products and processes, chemical engineers have played a major role in society over the years. In the future, many new opportunities for chemical engineers will be opened up. Chemical industries now cover a wide range of applications. Manufacturing nanomaterials,  computer chip manufacturing units, engineered microorganisms for pharmaceuticals, engineered ecosystems for environmental protection, and drug delivery systems are examples of “new” chemical plants that coexist with “traditional” chemical plants for the production of basic chemicals, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, textile materials, paints, polymers, pharmaceuticals, cement, fertilizer, and   processed foods. Chemical engineers have found employment in a variety of fields, including the digital   world, consumer products, plastics, chemicals, bio molecular and biochemical engineering, biotechnology, fuel, food technology, nanotechnology, alternative energy, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. 

The Department of Chemical Engineering was established in the year 1993 and is permanently affiliated with the University of Mumbai. We offer three levels of Bachelor of Chemical Engineering degrees: honours, regular, and minor. The Department   of Chemical Engineering offers gradual, strategic growth and development to students and provides the industry with unmatched talent. The Department offers a strong core curriculum, complemented by electives in important emerging areas. The Department offers training programmes in “Piping Engineering” , “Process Engineering” , “Industrial and Process safety” and “Flow Sheeting Simulation,” which help students get better jobs in the market. The Department is a vibrant place with 10 full time academic faculties and dedicated supporting staff. They put forth their best and most dedicated efforts to achieve the desired results. This is reflected in the fact that our students outperform the University of Mumbai in terms of top rankings among competitors. The department also offers a high-end analytical laboratory, including   UV spectrophotometer, gas chromatograph, etc., and  experimental facilities such as reactors,   ultrasound sonicator dryers, incubators, heat exchangers etc. exclusively for student academic projects.

            Our students are exposed to practical problems through 10 well equipped  laboratories, including software labs for advanced computations and software simulations, like MATLAB, PYTHON, DWSIM and UNISIM. Involvement of students in academic/sponsored projects as early as the second year, followed by a series of Technical Presentations by all students, helps them become completely competent and confident Chemical Engineers. Every semester, industrial tours and in-plant training are organised for our students in  chemical industries to connect classroom learning with working chemical plants. For students, a variety of workshops, guest lectures, and webinars on advanced/emerging topics in Chemical Engineering/Career progression are arranged. Students’ overall development is supported by a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Every year, technical events such as project exhibitions and technical paper presentations are held, with students from all over India participating.  The department’s student chapters are IIChE (Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers), IEI (Institute of Engineers (India) and ISTE (Indian society for Technical Education). Our department encourages our students to participate in and excel in various events held around the world.  Reputed companies such as Reliance industries, Galaxy Surfactants, Deepak Fertilizers, Worley Parsons, Nocil India ltd., Resins and Plastics, Indo Amines Ltd., SI group, Tecnimont, Apar  Industries, VVF Ltd., Ion exchange ltd.  and other industries come to our campus to recruit graduating engineers.  

Alumni are important stakeholders who have contributed generously in a variety of ways. Many of our alumni have gone on to become top executives, business leaders, distinguished scientists, and entrepreneurs in India and around the world. I invite you to explore all of the many aspects of our Department of Chemical Engineering through the website, and visit or contact us for more information. Our mission is to create and sustain an environment for learning  and the generation of new ideas to aid in the education of chemical engineers who will lead the profession, in the development of new technologies, and in industry service. I wish all of the students the best of luck and success in their future endeavours!