Details of Seminar, Workshop and Conference organized for faculty

Workshop on Blockchain and its Applications conducted on date 16th January and 17 January 2020 at IT Dept.

Speakers : Mr. Vikas H. Kumar, Chief Marketing Officer, Era-Swap Technologies Mr. Soham Zemse ,
Blockchain Developer , Era-Swap Technologies  …for more details about 
full report click here 


Sr. no.ActivityTopicDateDurationObjectiveNumber of participants
1SeminarHuman Excellence22/07/192 hourFaculty should achive excellence in academics as well as in their personal space by establishing peace and maintaing dignity25
2WorkshopWireless Sensor Network11/01/20191- Dayfaculty get knowledge towards how to use Wireless Sensor Network “Sensenuts” Kit30
3SeminarDemonstration on Cloud services using AWS & Degitalocean02/03/20192 hourFaculty are able to access and use Amazon web services9
4Industrial VisitIndustry Interaction regarding Internship Availability18th December 2018 Teleperformance, Thane, Navi-Mumbai1- Dayfaculty get knowledge towards different domains which are available in company,according to that they try to guide the students for internship.60
5Industrial VisitIndustry Interaction regarding Different Courses based on AI and Datascience29th June 2019 IIHT Kharghar1- Dayfaculty aware about what are the different courses are execute in this Institute. 60
6Webinarlive session on Atal New India Challenges (Price Money 1 Cr)26th July 20182-hourcomplete discussion on Atal New India Challenges11
7WebinarDeep Learning for Radar and Wireless Communications5th December 20191-hourhow to make wireless communication for radar based on deep Learning11
Guest Lecture for Data Structure Conducted by our alumni Mr. Sabarish Nair, Senior Analyst, Accenture on date 21 July 2018 for details click here.

Details of Workshops

Academic Year 2017-18
Sr. NoGapAction TakenDate-Month-YearResource Person with DesignationNo. of students
1Current Trends & TechnologiesPython Web MVC Freamework09-07-17Mrs.Sayali Yeavle Foslipy Counsultancy Service52
2Current Trends & TechnologiesWorkshop on .NET18/12/2017Mr.Chirag Panchal Sr. Soft Engg at Squad Infotech25
3Career GuidanceWorkshop on Logical Reasoning and Aptitude Training8-12/09/2017Chirag Thakkar, Smart Ways46
4Current Trends & TechnologiesMicrosoft MTA Certification  Workshop26/02/2018Mr.Suresh Pal Sr.Soft Engg and Subject Matter Expert @ ATS infotech34
Academic Year 2016-17
1Career GuidanceWorkshop on Logical Reasoning and Aptitude Training 5 days 26/08/2016Mr. Chirag Thakkar, Smart Ways21
2Current Trends & TechnologiesWorkshop on Network Security and Ethical Hacking9-10 September 2016Mr. Nishant Sharma (Microsoft Trainer)60
3Current Trends & TechnologiesWorkshop on Network Security and Ethical Hacking27-28 August 2016Mr. Nishant Sharma (Microsoft Trainer)57
Academic Year 2015-16
1Career GuidanceWorkshop on Logical Reasoning and Aptitude Training 5 daysMr. Chirag Thakkar, Smart Ways21
Academic Year 2014-15
1Current Trends & TechnologiesWorkshop on Ethical Hacking16/01/2015Mr. Sushant Bannerji, Mr. Avinash Dubey50
2Career GuidanceWorkshop on Logical Reasoning and Aptitude Training8-12/09/2017Mrs.Sonali Kulkrni  C-CPSS46
3Current Trends & TechnologiesConducted course on .NET08-01-15Mr. Vaibhav Dhumal, Mr. Vatan, Microsoft ATS Infotech Pvt. Ltd.15