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One of India’s leading EdTech companies, CareerLabs has gained the trust of tens of thousands of students and professionals over a short span of time. Now a household name in the Indian online learning space, CareerLabs has also pioneered the nation’s very first Profile Building platform in its unique mission to help budding professionals enhance their skill sets and create the best possible profile for landing their dream job. Recently, CareerLabs has successfully partnered with pharmaceutical company Dr. Reddy’s and IT services provider Tech Mahindra to offer upskilling courses that enhance the employability of fresh graduates.


CareerLabs is also the official partner of AICTE for the NEAT 2.0 Initiative under the Education Ministry. Access course details




The Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE for short, is popular among students who are considering higher education abroad and in India, across a variety of disciplines. It is one of the most versatile standardised entrance examinations, and is accepted across technical, managerial, law, and other programs. CareerLabs offers one of the most reliable GRE preparation programmes available in India. Here’s your chance to train with the best trainers in the country.


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If you are looking to pursue a postgraduate degree in management, the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is bound to be on the cards for you. It is a computer-adaptive multiple-choice examination that takes place throughout the year, and is taken by thousands of students annually. CareerLabs offers an extensive GMAT preparation programme that comes with patented tips and tricks to help you achieve your best possible score.



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Profile Builder 

Indian EdTech giant CareerLabs’ flagship offering, the Profile Builder platform has helped over a lakh students through the job search process. One of the first in India, the program has been pioneered by CareerLabs to immense success in the online learning sphere. Created in collaboration with industry experts, Profile Builder aims to assess your aptitude and provide exclusive placement assistance.