Every year we take up a theme on a topic to create awareness on some issues. Last year it was ISRO, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of splitting of atom by Otto Hann & Fritz Strassman, An event which marked the start of atomic era. this year we decided to take “Atomic Energy” as theme of YANTRAM 2K19.

Atomic Energy has both peaceful & destructive uses. A countries like India & China who are rapidly developing & modernising need energy security. Nuclear energy is environment friendly as it has almost zero carbon emissions. Hence Nuclear Energy is extremely important for a country like India to achieve its energy security & national security.

Technical Quiz

The event was conducted to test the technical knowledge of students about Atomic Energy. The entire event was divided into rounds. First round was multiple choice test based on basics of atomic energy & recent events in atomic energy. Final round was Group discussion

3D Modelling Competition

The 3D modelling competition was sponsored by the CADD centre, Kharghar. The participants had to use either Solidworks 16 or Creo 5.0 for 3D modelling. The competition consisted of two rounds. The participants were given a basic orthographic view of an object.

Project Exhibition

Project exhibition was inaugurated by respected Director, Bharati Vidyapeeth Dr.Vilasrao Kadam, Head of Department Prof. S. D. Jadhav and all other staff members. Second Year students actively participated in exhibition and stated their ideas. More than 20 projects were presented in exhibition.

Technical Paper Presentation

This event was conducted for group of students to give stage to present technical paper in interested area.