Departmental Events: Applied Science

The department of Applied Sciences in Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering is affluent and exceptionally competent in bringing out the best in the budding engineers. The department takes care of the all round development of the new students admitted to the field of engineering. The students are prepared technically as well as ethically through various activities.

Events: 2021-22

I. First Year Orientation Program: 2021-22.

Orientation program for First Year students was scheduled on 4 January 2021 at 12.00 pm on online mode due to COVID-19 pandemic. The convenor for the program was Dr. Vaishali Agme. In the orienatiin program newly admitted students are introduced the syllabus, teaching faculty, rules and regulation of the college and attendance. Students participation was immense and active for the program.






II. Induction Program

An Induction program was conducted for first year studets, which comprised various activities for the students. Dr. V. N. Agme was faculty co-ordinator and Prathamesh Dhuri (General Secretary, Student Council) & Emad Desai (President, Sigma) worked as students representatives in association with SIGMA. 

Following activities were conducted in the Induction Program.

1. Dance Competition.



2. Elocution Competition.



3. Essay Wtiting Competition.



4. Instrumental Symphony. 



5. Photography Competition.



6. Singing Competition. 



7. Sketching & Origami Competition. 



8. Work on Movie/Short Film Competition.



Departmental Events: 2019-2020


Sr. No.

Name of Event


Name of Coordinator


Tree Plantation Activity in College Campus

22nd July 2019

By NSS Team


Tree Plantation Activity In Damole village

6th August 2019

 By NSS team and Prof. Deshmukh


Orientation for Students and Parents

6th August 2019

Prof. Anuradha Shukla and Prof. G.M. Kharmate


Induction Programme for Students

7th-9th August 2019

Prof. Anuradha Shukla and Prof. G.M. Kharmate


Career Counselling Session

9th August

Mr. Gejo Shrinivasan


Skills development Sessions

8th & 9th August

Sigma Cultural club, NSS, Sports club of BVCOE


Personal counselling

8th August 2019

Swami Satyanand jee, ISKCON


Teacher’s Day Celebration

05th September 2019



Clenliness Drive in Jila Parishaad School

25th September 2019



Freshers Party

8th October 2019

Prof. Vaishali  Agme