Industries-Institute Interaction


Sr.No.Name of Industry Name of Faculty Date of Visit
1Rein Labs,Mahapei.Dr.Swati Jha                      ii.Prof.S.R.Wategaonkar            iii.Prof.Sonali Sahu15th June,2019
2 Miki Pulley India Pvt.Ltd, Taloja 

i.Prof.T.N.Sawant                          ii.Prof.M.M.Bulhe                          iii.Prof.Z.V.Thorat                  iv.Prof.Swati Patil                          v.Prof.A.A.Qazi

20th June,2019
3TeleNetworks Technologies,Vashii.Prof.R.B Mohite                    ii.Prof.N.R.Ingale                    iii.Prof.S.M.Mane                        iv.Prof.Rajashree Thakare21st June,2019
4Accelya India Pvt.Ltd,PuneProf.A.V.Sutar27th June,2019
5FMC Technologies India Pvt.Ltd,Punei.Prof. M.M.Bulhe                          ii.Prof. S.D.Jadhav10th May,2019. 



IED Communications Pvt. Ltd. is organizer of Asia’s 2nd largest exhibition for the automation industry-Automation Expo ( The organization has been in the business of promoting the automation industry in India for over 3 decades now and has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the industry in India with its exhibition and publication (Industrial Automation).IED Communications endeavors to understand, pre-empt and cater to the needs of the global engineering industry & provide the best solutions, services, products, technology & know-how.




    Location:  Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust(JNPT)

The Department of Electronics and Telecommunication had organized one-day study visit to JNPT (Uran) for students of TE on 4 October. The main purpose of the visit was to acquaint students with various activities, functioning, etc related to ports. In total 57  students and four teaching faculty namely, Prof.Anand Sutar, Prof.Rajendra Mohite, Prof.Amina Qazi, Prof.Asha Sale volunteered for the visit. The students experienced operations like how the containers were moved from the shipping vessel to various areas of ports.