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Paper Published (2016-2017)

Sr.No.TitleJournal/ConferenceISSN No.Year of PublicationImpact FactorFaculty name
1Android App and GSM based Automation SystemInternatinal Conference978-93-86171-02-409-04-17 Prof./Savita Patil
2Survey on network lifetime maximization tech in WSNIJETEE2320-956906-07-14 
3Parametric Study of Microstrip Antenna  International Conference978-93-861741-12-208-04-17 Prof./Asha Sale 
4Car Overspeeding detection and Control System International Conference978-93-86171-02-308-04-17 
5Fingerprint Recognition for user authentication to implement ATM securityIJSART2395-105202-02-174Prof.Shekhar Mane
6Voice controlled robotic vehicalICEMTE-2017978-93-5258-745-204-05/03/2017 
7Commercial Application using AndroidInternational Conference978-96-86171-0232017 
8Autonomous flight vehicleICATE-2017978-93-86171–02-307-08/03/2017 Prof./Rajashree B. Thakare
9Soldier Tracking and Health Monitoring SystemICATE-2018978-93-86171–02-407-08/03/2018
10Home Automation with Advanced Security systemIJTRD-20172394-9333March – April 20173.025Prof.Rajendra Mohite
11Design of Drive for Overhauser MagnetomterIJLERA2455-713701-03-17 Prof./Sonali Sahu
12Gain-Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Antenna using RIS and Fabry Perot Cavity ResonatorIEEE International Conference 29-01-17 Prof.S.D.Jagtap
13Parametric Study of Microstrip Antenna IJEEE Jorunal2321-205520172.7Prof./Asha Sale     Prof./Amina Qazi
14Stignogaphy using 12 square Cipher AlgorithmIJCA973-93-80895-86-12017 

Paper Published (2015-2016)

Sr.No.TitleJournal/ConferenceISSN No.Year of PublicationFaculty name
1High isolation and compact microstrip MIMO antenna design using Polarization diversityInternational Conference 2015

Prof.S.D.Jagtap                       Prof./Rajashree.B. Thakare

2Simulation of nonlinear filter based localization for indoor mobile robotIJIREEICE 2016Prof./Swati Patil
3High Gain Wideband 2×2 microstrip array antenna using RIS and Fabry Perot Cavity ResonatorIEEE International Conference,NIT Durgapur2016.752255Jan-16Prof.S.D.Jagtap
4Efficinet High Gain Circularly polarized MSA using Asymmetrical RIS and Fabry Perot Cavity ResonatorIEEE International Conference 26-02-17

Paper Published (2014-2015)

Sr.No.TitleJournal/ConferenceISSN No.DateImpact FactorFaculty name
1Parametric Analysis and design of Microstrip Patch Antenna with        C-shaped slot in defected ground structure for WiMax Application2nd International conference on Electronics and Computing Technologies(ICONECT 15)2277128X12-03-152.2

Prof. S.R.Wategaonkar                       Prof. N.R.Ingale

2Fusion of differently exposed images using wavelet transformAcademic Science2348117X01-03-151.88Prof. /Asha.H.Sale                         Prof./Vaishali.P.Patil                                    Prof./Amina.A.Qazi
3Survey on Network Lifetime Maximization techniques in Wireless sensor NetworkIJETEE232095696/7/l20143.84Prof /Savita.V.Patil
4Fractal antenna for multi frequency applications using PIN diodeSpringer Science 2014J.NO(2015) 14:22222618-11-14 Prof. /Sonali Sahu
5The vision based control of pick and place robot using image processing IJAEIT2348-7208Aug-141.01Prof.D.S.Raskar
6Effective Man-Machine Coupling Using Image ProcessingIJERM2349-2058Aug-140.86
7Interactive Pick and Place Robot Control using Image Processing MethodIJECS2319-7242Sept.143.09
8Survey on network lifetime maximization tech in WSNIJETEE2320-956906-07-14 Prof./Savita Patil