Name of Laboratory – Analog System Laboratory    

          Lab Location- Room No.228                            Lab Incharge. - Prof. Swati Patil          

                  Lab Area (sq m.)-75.49                                 Lab Utilization- Semester III,IV,VI,VII,VIII ResourcesRemarks
1LVDT Trainer Kit Working
2 Strain Gauge Trainer Working
3RTD Working
4Pressure Transducer Working
5 Stepper motor controller Working
6 A.C. servo Motor controller Working
7Type 0, Type 1, Type 2 control with Test Signal Generator Working
8 D.C. Techogenerator Working
9A.C. Techogenerator Working
10 Zigbee Protocol Demonstrator Kit VJET -  ZBEE DK - 095  Working
11Bluetooth Protocol Demonstrator Kit VJET- 132 TH DK - 056Working
12Wifi Protocol Demonstrator Kit Model No .:Wifi DK – 037Working
13Qualnet softwarein use
14 NETSYS-Tin use


Name of Laboratory – Networking Laboratory      

    Lab Location- Room No.227                            Lab Incharge. - Prof. Sonali Sahu        

  Lab Area (sq m.)-66                                 Lab Utilization- SemesterIII,VI,VII,VIII ResourcesRemarks
1 IBM Niftily Server 3000S 8476-91U in use
2Multisim Education for 10 userin use
3Simulinkin use
4 Software –1 CD (LAN Trainer) in use
5 UPS in use
6MATLABin use
8HP laserjet printer 1020 plusWorking


Name of Laboratory – Communication Laboratory

  Lab Location- Room No.224                            Lab Incharge. - Prof.Z.V.Thorat

  Lab Area (sq m.)-75.33                                 Lab Utilization- SemesterIII,IV,V,VI ResourcesRemarks
1Digital comm. Trainer kit Working
Sampling & reconstruction kit.
TDM PAM demodulation trainer kit. 
TDM PCM transmitter kit.
TDM PCM receiver trainer kit.
Delta frequency modulation / demodulation 
D&C modulation transmitter trainer 
D&C demodulation receiver trainer
Audio o/p modulation.
Audio input modulation 
260 MHz dual channel digital CRO model Sr. No. BO 74935. Working
Experimental Booklet along with Amplifier, filter, cables etc 
4 Scientech digital Communication trainer Kits Working
5 DCL –03 pulse code Modulation transmitter Kit Working
DCL –04 Pulse code Demodulation receiver Kit 
6Analog Communication Training Kit ACL-1 Amplitude Modulation Working
ACL -02 amplitude Demodulation receiver Kit 
ACL – 03 Frequency Modulation Trainer Kit 
ACL – 04 Frequency Demodulation Receiver Kit 
7AM transmitter trainer Working
AM reciver trainer model no. 
FM transmitter & reciver trainer 

Scientech prm - ppm -pwm mod & demod trainer 


Name of Laboratory – Microwave Laboratory

  Lab Location- Room No.230-A       Lab Incharge. - Prof./Asha H.Sale

                      Lab Area (sq m.)-66                                 Lab Utilization- SemesterV,VI,VII,VIII ResourcesRemarks
1X band Microwave Bench Working
2 X- band Microwave bench klystron  benchWorking
3 Gunn Diode Microwave bench Working
4 Antenna demonstrator Working
5 X Band microwave comp. Working
6SCIENTECH Antenna Trainer Kit  Working
7Microwave Integrated Circuit Trainer Kit Working
8 Microwave signal source 2.2 – 3.0 GHz  Model     Working
9Scientech Microwave Test BenchWorking
10AMITEC make Microwave Antenna Training System Model MAT 10Working
11HAMEG Make Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator Model HMS 3010Working
12RF Trainer KitWorking
13Vector Network Analyzer Two PortWorking
14VNA Master ModelWorking

Name of Laboratory –Optical Fiber Communication Laboratory  
Lab Location- Room No.230-B       Lab Incharge. - Prof.R.Mohite

             Lab Area (sq m.)-66                       Lab Utilization- SemesterV,VI,VII,VIII ResourcesRemarks
1Laser trainer model No. ST 2506 Working
2Fiber Optic demo set. Working
3Fiber Optic speed of light apparatus  Working
4Optical Power Meter YC – 2100 Working
5Continuity Tester Working
6SAJ - 7402 Channel WDM set up Working
7Scientech Fiber Optics AccessoriesWorking

Name of Laboratory –Printed Circuit Board Laboratory  

Lab Location- Room No.230-C       Lab Incharge. - Prof.Shishir Jagtap

                        Lab Area (sq m.)-66                                 Lab Utilization- SemesterV,VI,VII,VIII ResourcesRemarks
1PCB Lab set up ( As per spec.) Make crescent In use

Name of Laboratory –  Digital Logic Design Laboratory  

Lab Location- Room No.231-A       Lab Incharge. - /Prof.Rupali Patil

                     Lab Area (sq m.)-76.97                                 Lab Utilization- Semester III,VIII ResourcesRemarks
1ST 2272 A Satellite Communication Trainer KitsWorking
2 Digital Trainer Kits.Working

Name of Laboratory –Microprocessor Laboratory

Lab Location- Room No.231-B       Lab Incharge. - /Prof.Rajashree Thakare

               Lab Area (sq m.)-76.98                                 Lab Utilization- Semester VI,V,VIII ResourcesRemarks
1Model V51 (8031 Trainer Kit) Working
Model V86 standalone video based trainer kit with video monitor Working
Model V86 standalone video based trainer kit with video monitor Working
2a)DYNA -51 # 894to # 898 Qty 5 Working
b)SBC 196 # 345 to # 347 Qty 3 Working
c) DYNA TRC # 356 Working
d) DYNA DCM # 552 Working
e) ADC 08 # 428 Working
f) DAC 01 # 2053 Working
g) STP PIO # 1352 Working
h) DISP PIO # 404 Working
i) MUX PIO # 154 Working
j) OPTO PIO # 219 Working
k) TEMP PIO # 249 Working
3PROTES Virtual System Modelling (VSM) Software- comprehensive design and simulation environment along with ARM and PIC 18 model Central salesIn Use
48051 Advanced Trainer kit (VSET)Working

Name of Laboratory – Electronics Devices and Circuits Laboratory

Lab Location- Room No.233       Lab Incharge. - Prof.Nitin Ingale

                            Lab Area (sq m.)-132                                 Lab Utilization- Semester III,IV,VII ResourcesRemarks
1Pentium Computer System Working
2UPS (APC-SU5000 XLI 5KVA UPS Sr.No. US- 0618110543 Working
3VASI Design Software ISE Series version 9.2i ( Multiple Users) Make: Xilinx Model: US - ISE - FND In Use
4 Spartan III Board Working
5 Traffic Light Controller Working
6 Real Time Controller Working
7B2 Spice SoftwareIn Use

Name of Laboratory – Physics Laboratory

Lab Location- Room No.004      Lab Incharge. - Dr. R.J. Gawade

                             Lab Area (sq m.)-115                                 Lab Utilization- Semester I,II ResourcesRemarks
1Hall Effect.Working
2 He-Ne Laser (Green Light). Working
3Cathode Ray Oscilloscope..Working
4Spectrometer. Working
5Travelling Microscope. Working
6 Optical fiber communication kit.  Working
7Plank’s constant by photocell. Working